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Our services


We provide our clients with designs and other complementary products for the manufacture of ceramic tiles. The products are served to our customers together with an exclusive technical service, which covers everything from the start-up of the production line to its subsequent monitoring on a day-to-day basis, thus achieving the maximum performance of our products according to the changing needs of our customers.

Why should you choose us?


The company is specialized in the formulation, manufacture, and distribution of ceramic enamels with 20+ years of experience. The positioning of the company in the market is based on two aspects: adaptation of the product to the specific conditions of each client and a service based on the technical team committed, qualified, and expert in the company.

Our core values


The values that drive the CCB management team are:


  • Customer satisfaction

  • Protection and conservation of the environment

  • Establishing safe workplaces for employees

  • Diligence

Our facilities

The facilities of the company have laboratories with all the necessary technical equipment for the formulation and development of the products on a small scale and with an automatic dosing plant that allows the preparation of the compounds at an industrial level.

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